2003 Bacchus SRV Inspired Stratocaster - Made in JAPAN


2003 Bacchus SRV Inspired Stratocaster - Made in JAPAN

 Alder Body - Maple Neck, 21 Fret Rosewood Board, Yuta VS-2 Pickups - Gotoh SD91-05M Tuners, reverse trem -  Cellulose Top Coat.

This is one of the early 2000s models which are quite soughtafter now  .. Proper headstock shape and original YUTA pickups.

As you can see from the pictures it is based upon  the original SRV Stratocaster with relic finish , reversed trem and super neck.


All orginal apart from the saddles which have been upgraded to a set of Callahams ( £50 alone ) .

Nice touch is the lacquered neck over the wear for those who dont like the worn satin necks.

Very good condition , few small additional dings to the body ( doesnt really matter on a relic ) .

Getting harder to come by so grab this one while you can .

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