79-81 Tokai Spring Sound ST-45 Stratocaster

Quite hard to date these guitars but from the logo and serial it between 79-81.
You can see why these are so soughtafter they are as good as any reissue Fender I have owned and played - very similar in feel to my Dan Smith Stratocaster.
The guitar looks to be all original apart from the backplate  .
The guitar is fitted with its original Grey Back Pickups , Pots and Tokai Stamped Saddles.


Considering the age of the guitar it is good condition ( it is around 40 years old ) but it does have some playing marks and a few dings all purely cosmetic but please take them into account if you intend on bidding.

    Tonewood Music

     Preloved Guitars Bought and Sold

    Birmingham , UK ( est 2006)

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