Fender Limited Edition 60s Stratocaster


2007 Mexican Fender 60s Limited Edtion Stratocaster Electric Guitar.


From what I have read online this Limited edition run of 700 were made in  2006/07 for Musicians Friend and Guitar Centre in the USA (350 black, and 350 Olympic White).


As you can see from the pictures the was based on Hendrixs Stratocaster .


This one has upgraded with 

Loco Blues Pickups

Blues Pickup in the middle and neck ( not too sure which brand - I think tonerider)

CTS Pots

Orange Caps

Quality wiring

New standard angled pickup pickguard ( no additional screws ) and backplate.


Great condition with only some light playing marks and a few dings but nothing major .

    Tonewood Music

     Preloved Guitars Bought and Sold

    Birmingham , UK ( est 2006)

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