Hohner Hollywood Baritone 6 String Bass Guitar

Hohner Hollywood Baritone 6 String Bass Guitar




Quite a rare instrument  which was designed to be  strung as either a Baritone guitar ( G ) or 6 String bass. but with a standard 25.5 guitar scale length . 

The guitar works well especilly in the the baritone tuning and looks great with the offset Jaguard body shape .

The build quaity on this Custom Shop  instrument is superb , Wilkinson Bridge - Alan Enwistle pickups and quality hardware used throught out .

The guitar sounds as good as it looks   - Country  to Metal this can do it all  and needless to say the Alan Enwistle pickups are superb.




Considering the age of the guitar is is very good as it was part of a private collection , it does have some light marks / dings from normal use but nothing major .


    Tonewood Music

     Preloved Guitars Bought and Sold

    Birmingham , UK ( est 2006)

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