Patrick Eggle Saluda Acoustic Guitar Ex Frank Turner

Patrick Eggle Saluda Acoustic Guitar Ex Frank Turner


Patrick Eggle Electro  Acoustic Guitar

Up for sale is a  Patrick Eggle  Acoustic Guitar .

This guitar was made for Frank Turner by Patrick Eggle Guitars during the time that Frank was endorsed by the maker.

Frank Turner can been seen playing this very guitar in many images are available online

Please note this is not a signature guitar but the actual guitar played / owned by Frank Turner himself .

The new price on one of these handmade guitars did  start from around £3500 for basic model , this is without the upgrades - Cutaway  - inlays - electrics etc. .

The original electrics have been bypassed and a soundhole pickups installed .
As you  can see it has been well used with alot of wear and playing marks  - mostly lacquer wear to the back of the neck and body  . Please note that the crazing is in the laquer   not in the wood itself.

If anyone has seen Frank Turner play live will be aware that he strums the guitar hard which has caused the wear  the top .

The actual neck is very good apart from the wear to the back as are the frets .

Even if you are not an fan it is an amazing electro acoustic guitar .

Comes with its original Hiscox hard case bearing a Frank Turner stencil and shipping document to the outside; Other: heavy lacquer loss to the back of the neck

If you are after a mint example then this will not be for you but if you are a fan or just after a " played in " acoustic then this could be for you .



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